Opening A Front Room Art Gallery

Opening A Front Room Art Gallery

The decision to open my front room as an Art Gallery happened in an instant after pondering this thought for some time.
Leaving Windsor Contemporary Art Fair in early November 2018 where artwork from the online Art Gallery was presented, the statement was made ‘I am opening my front room as an Art Gallery on Friday 30th November 2018. This gave me 3 weeks to transform the space that was already a room with walls full of artwork due to being an avid collector of art, into one that looked like a gallery for people to visit. Simple?
Actually yes, it turned out to be an enjoyable 3 weeks preparing walls, painting them white with silver glitter added, ordering a banner for the window, making the decision to have a professional hanging a system so that no more holes would need to be made in the newly painted walls, plus valid PPL and PI insurance, the area was fit for purpose.
So, with a wonderful glittery ceiling which just happened to migrate to the walls, floor polished, a new spot ceiling light, a retro style record player in the corner and some early Christmas gifts such as a security camera and print browser from thoughtful husband the completed space was ready for opening night.

What a delight to welcome my very first visitors, two lovely ladies I had not met before sipping Prosecco and browsing the artwork for sale. Along with the support from some very good friends the evening was a great success and resulted in selling 2 original paintings to my fabulous friend Vanessa. This also gave me the opportunity to practice with my PayPal card reader, and it worked!
This wonderful space, my Art Gallery is continually evolving, there is now a flashing open sign at the window and a changing display of artwork due to sales and regular visitors.

And, what a marvelous space to enjoy relaxing in, entertaining and having fun and eating meals with friends and family.

Flying Ducks Art Gallery is only 5 minutes walk from Stone town centre and 5 minutes walk from Stone railway station.
Gallery open at 44 Station Road, Stone, Staffordshire. ST15 8ES
Fridays 5pm – 8pm, Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 4pm.

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