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‘Aborigine’ Original Drawing by Charlene Holmes


Aborigine by Charlene Holmes in graphite & pencil

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‘Aborigine’ is an impressive original drawing in graphite and pencil.  A2 size in a black frame.

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Charlen is a Staffordshire artist who loves art and creativity, not only painting but also sculpture, sewing and other. Able to use many different mediums that helps produce a finished piece of work. The aim is to enjoy what I am doing.
Early on in my career, I was at a loose end, always wanting to re-discover my belated creativity. I started a Betec foundation art course, covering fine art, sculpture photography and print making. The best decision ever made. It opened my eyes and made me more aware of the technical skills in art; giving me the fundamentals of how art is created and perceived.
I became a full-time artist in 2010, and have continued ever since.


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