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Make or Break by Susie Hall


Make or Break by Susie Hall – inspired by a thought about the skeleton of buildings and the shapes they might make if we couldn’t see the outer finish and decorative parts.

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‘Make or Break’  an original painting is  a result of a decision Susie made to work with a reduced palette and to add texture. They were inspired by a thought  about the skeleton of buildings and the shapes they might make if we couldn’t see the outer finish and decorative parts during either their construction or demolition. However, the ‘shapes’ also been described as symbols. Susie is eexcited about the way this series is developing –  six in the series.

Acrylic and texture mediums on deep edged canvas, edges are painted.

70cms x 100cms

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Susie was born in Bedfordshire, England, and even As a very small child, would Fascinated by what lies just under the surface of people, the emotions and thoughts that they might be struggling with as they go about their daily lives, those cyclical thoughts that we all experience from time to time. for hours with my wax crayons and paper, making marks, making shapes, making patterns. Susie grew up in a creative family (father was a sculptor and mother painted) and was always encouraged in her pursuits; never felt restricted in what she was doing. Mainly she was having fun.

About seven years or so ago Susie was commissioned to paint a few canvases and was reminded how important painting is to her. I still love colour and get excited at the prospect of a new, blank canvas just waiting to be brought to life. Susie’s work reflects herself in many ways – painting intuitively and from the heart, nearly always choosing the colours first. Inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time; from something she sees or something thought of or even from the lighting of stage or television sets. Often ideas for paintings or colour combinations and shapes come just as she drifting off to sleep.

Susie does not attempt to or want to simply reproduce what exists already, but prefers to interpret what is seenor felt and allows her imagination to lead the way to create something new. Susie resists being pigeonholed by what she does in life, or in what she paints. Susie’s abstract paintings are borne of from imagination, love of colour and passion to create. Now working mainly in acrylics, sometimes oils, occasionally both. Susie aims is to evoke a mood or perhaps prompt a thought that words alone cannot convey.


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